Good Enough

by Dad Mode

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Self recorded in a church storage room and an apartment bathroom.

Our friend Marcos was kind enough to master this for us.

Thank you for listening - Cera/Marshall/Jon


released September 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Dad Mode Seattle, Washington

sadtune chiprock music made by three people, none of which are dads

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Track Name: Action Potential
I hate this place
And what it’s done to me
I don’t want to play this part, but I’m too old for a new start
I’m not even old, I’m young at heart
But old enough to have my hesitations
That I have to face
Like what do I even want anyway?
My house that I’ve known is feeling less and less like home
I’m not scared, but I need to go
For once, I need to run away, away, away

To the weeks just beyond my reach
To a season that belongs to me
To a bed where I can sleep
To a headspace that will let me think

Maybe there’s hope
In what I want to be
Or maybe unrealistic expectations leave me here, forever waiting
Stuck in a life where
I’m sad, I’m bored, I’m something in between
But the in betweens
Feel like the only things that can make me happy
So thanks for all you've given me
I'm sorry it's not meant to be
I take the best and run
You can just throw the rest away, away, away

And I don’t care what it takes from me
I don’t care however bad it seems
And I don’t know if this came out right
But I promise you that I’ll be fine

So fuck this place
At least today
But not always
Just for today
Track Name: Fog
And when the fog rolled in
I didn't have to move
I was just lying there
I let it consume me

I don't feel safe outside
I don't feel safe within
It's easier to hide inside
Embracing the ways you've been

I let it consume me
I let it become my favorite thing

I let it consume me
I let it become my favorite thing about me

I let it consume me
I let it consume everything
Track Name: In Between
I'm never all the way here
I'm always in between
Never quite where I want to be
Always in between
Track Name: What a Mess
Days spent so listless I would rather be asleep
I've got too many goals and not enough drive
Oh well

Searching for feelings that I used to know so well
They were just here and now they're gone
So what

I am beautiful but I am lost
And I keep fucking up everything I love
And I'm stronger now than I was before but that's not saying much

Watching on from a distance:
How can I compete?
If I don't try, then i can't lose

Digging up old excuses
These will have to do for now because
I'm running out

It's fine
I'm okay
It's fine
I'm okay

But I'm tired of my body
And I'm tired of my voice
And I'm tired of my life
And I'm tired of the world

And I'm tired of it all
And I'm tired of it all
But I don't want to be anymore
I don't want to be anymore
Track Name: Habituation
I wake up
And I live through the same conversations
With the same people
Over and over, again and again
I repeat
All of my tired, old jokes
I don’t find funny anymore
Can’t see what I saw in them before
And I say
“I’m sorry” all the time
To the point that I don’t notice
That it doesn’t have a meaning
And when I go to sleep
I run through these same conversations in my head
And think of all the better things I could have said,
But the moment’s dead

A different day, the same regrets
A different day, the same regrets
A different day, the same regrets x 1000